Il Parmense started in 1959 in Parma, Italy through the initiative and hard work of Dario Ilariuzzi together with his sons Valerio and Vittorio, supplying transport and storage services and hire of mobile cranes.
Over the years, the company grew through the entrepreneurial skills of Valerio and Vittorios generation and consolidated its place in the Italian and European markets, becoming a leader in the haulage sector and handling of exceptional loads.
Today, the management of such a large and well-organised inheritance has been entrusted to the third generation who follow in their parents footsteps.

First and foremost: quality of service

The experience gained by each of us is reflected in the constant care and attention given to our Clients and the satisfaction of their requirements using innovative high-quality services.



We have a designated Marketing and Operations Team which interacts with our Clients, finalizing accurate cost estimates taking into account all the commercial and organisational aspects of the work. We want to offer the Client the best organisation and operations at the most competitive prices.
- Our Exceptional Haulage Planning Team is responsible for managing the haulage by identifying the route, arranging the road transport authorisations according to the regulations in force in the country of operation and arranging any technical escort.
- Our Vehicle Management Team researches the most technologically-advanced equipment to ensure the safety of all the loads transported.
- Our Human Resources Team oversees the daily training and up-dating of our staff so that they can carry out their duties with care and attention.


Marketing and Traffic Office


Ilariuzzi Valentino           
tel. 0521 608.410

Michelotti Massimiliano  
tel. 0521 608.412

Exceptional Haulage Office


Ilariuzzi Alessandra
tel. 0521 608.417


Ilariuzzi Silvia                 
tel. 0521 608.422

Administration Office

Ilariuzzi Federica            
tel. 0521 608.434


Ilariuzzi Michele             
tel. 0521 608.400

On-site inspection and External Relations

Ilariuzzi Andrea
tel. 0521 608.431

Ilariuzzi Walter
tel. 0521 608.413


Via Giorgio Gastaldi 17/a

43122 Parma (PR) 

Tel +39 0521 608 000

Fax +39 0521 607 844

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