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Transport of Artworks

We are specialized in handling artworks. We have developed the expertise needed to guarantee
maximum care and efficiency in dealing with such delicate assets, precious for historical, artistic
and economic value.
We offer professionalism, experience and passion.
Our highly qualified staff handles with technical expertise precious artistic and historical objects.
We are proud to mention here some of the experiences we took charge of within the art world.


  • Transport of the sculpted artefacts on the balustrade of the Royal Palace of Colorno, designed by Bibbiena - begin 1700s

  • Extraction of the "Sarcophagus" and "Arca di San Donnino" at the Cathedral in Fidenza

  • Transport of Historical Memorabilia at the "Grenadiers of Rome Museum"

  • Transport and handling of "Artworks by Cascella" at the Monte Parma Foundation

  • Transport, handling and assembly of "Three Religions Fountain" by Cascella

  • Handling and transfer of Botero’s artworks for the "Elisir Exhibition" Palazzo del Governatore in Parma

  • Handling and transfer of Cascella’s artworks to the Banca del Monte Parma

  • Handling and transfer of Parmiggiani’s artworks "Naufragio con spettatore Exhibition"

  • Preparation of "Opera Parmiggiani" at the Chiesa di San Marcellino

  • Handling and transfer of "Roman Mosaic with Nereide" at the San Giorgio de La Spezia


And long time ago, transport of the famous "Bell of Medjugorje"

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