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The Exceptional Transport
Our skills allow us to satisfy every need. Thanks to our technical team prepared and trained on an ongoing basis, we handle and transport latest technology XL machinery, industrial semi-finished products or operating machinery for large infrastructure worksites.
We transport industrial machines, machine tools, operating machinery, tanks, pre-fab modules and much more for expansion and/or relocation of industrial plants all over Italy, Europe and outside the EU.
We serve on a daily basis the main ports and airports in Northern Italy.
What is an Exceptional Transport?
Road transport is the end result of a complex process, requiring weeks of planning, where nothing can be left to chance.
Exceptional transport are goods transported on wheels that exceed limits in shape and weight, and require permits from the road’s administration authority or the Owner of the portion of road travelled.
Depending on the dimensions of the convoy and on the route to be taken, the exceptional transport may have special restrictions and/or limitations that we will plan for and observe.
Are you interested in our services?
A dedicated team works on ensuring the best results in a complex field with constantly evolving regulations.
In addition to knowledge of the various issues, multiple other factors need to be considered, as they are essential requirements for the optimal organization of the transport.
We manage each transport in the best possibly way, thanks to the wide selection of our owned vehicles, which are constantly upgraded, and our highly qualified staff with years of experience.
Our company is authorized to provide its own technical escort services as well as for third parties with owned vehicles specifically equipped and compliant with regulations.
Permanent Permits for Exceptional Transport
To ensure quick delivery times, we have permanent road permits for exceptional transport up to 3.00 m in width for Italy and Europe, including main ports and airports.
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