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Electric Mobile Cranes and Forklifts Rental

We have lifting equipment and special equipment in a variety of sizes and types: 

  • crane trucks

  • self-propelled cranes

  • electric front cranes

  • electric mini craneselectric forklifts with variable overhang and capacity

We use electric vehicles and eco-compatible, environmentally sustainable, low emission equipment in compliance with EEC standards. This policy allows us to operate inside work environments, public bodies and companies that apply environmental protection protocols and certifications (i.e. pharmaceutical plants).

We carry out preliminary inspections with technical experts to analyse the job at hand and prepare operation plans compliant with the safety regulations in force.

If required by the local authorities, we will take care of applying for permits to occupy the public right of way and place No Parking signs in the area.

Contact us, we’ll be glad to help you and suggest ideas and solutions.

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